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Why have an ATM at your event?
Having an ATM will increase your turnover.

You have such a small window of time to capitalize on your investment that you absolutely need to make it as quick and easy as possible for your visitors to access (and spend!) their money...
People will always take more money out of an ATM once the money they came with runs out
An ATM will not tie up a staff member/s - Allowing them to concentrate their efforts on the event
ATMs are a far more convenient option for your visitors / ticket holders
ATMs allow for balances, withdrawals and credit card use
ATMs will accept all legitimate, pin based, local, regional and international cards

What does ATM XCHANGE provide?

Anywhere from 1 to 15 ATMs on site for duration of event
Transport and set up of ATM/s
Provide cash for the ATM
On call or on site technician for duration of event
All appropriate signage and set up
Training of staff on operation of machine and reconciliation
Paper rolls
Provide enclosure/cover area for ATM
No Phone line necessary as all of our ATMs are wireless

100% Hands off

We make it so easy!